Sunday, May 08, 2011

3 years of hibernation,, what's new!

Three years since I last posted. Reading my last post reminds me that only those promises should be made which can be kept.

Continuing from where I left in my last post where I said:
"Quite a few things happened ,, I made some real good friends.. (one very special :)), had my first flight and that too for inter-continental!! .. quit my job., landed up in a new firm,, now going to CMU,, Carnegie Mellon University, USA."

The updates:
1. Biggest of all news is that I am going to get married to that special friend of mine in 2012 :). We both graced CMU's Pittsburgh campus in Aug, 2008. To share my CMU experience would take one dedicated post but for both of us it gave nice zipped version of how our lives would be together after marriage. Crazy schedule at CMU tested the best out of us, we had our fair share of ups and downs, laughs and tears. I believe we did well. It was great to have someone to boost you up out of your misery when chips were down. We decided to extend that experience for life and so it continues :).

2. With world economy in recession, US economy wasn't doing great. Year 2009 was important forme and while I worked hard for it, I was fortunate to land up internship in Qualcomm, Santa clara in Android engineering. It was a nice experience and the highlight was visit to Google campus. It simply has the best perks for its employees!

3. By the end of my third semester I had to get admitted to UPMC for a mix of complications. I was on bed for almost a week. Both my doctor sisters came to Pittsburgh to look after me and that made things a lot easier. I love my sisters!

4. I love and respect Prof. David A. Eckhardt too. My health issues had given me a tough time. To make matters worse it was in the semester when I had taken OS (15410), arguably the most feared course in CMU. I had a great time learning the internals of an OS and writing mine almost from scratch. Prof Dave really was very understanding and asked me to do submissions and write the final exam which I had missed, next semester. It meant more workload for next semester but it was the only option and the best one. I believe I fared well scoring a perfect 4.0 in the next semester courses and completing OS assignments, along with my TA duties and preparing for/giving interviews. Almost a load of 72+ units but it all ended well.

5. I joined Netapp, Sunnyvale, CA on June 14th, 2010 in the Scale out networking team. Till now it's been a wonderful experience. I have seniors who inspire you to become better and do your best. Everyone is ready to help and share one's knowledge. No wonder it's been there in top 10 of best companies list for the last 8 years. Cheers to Netapp!

Friday, August 01, 2008

A real gentle reminder..

Hmmm.. I have committed a crime.. "Return of Zedi"??? and after that almost an year's hibernation.. Hell!! my blog needed me and I ignored it .. I need to be punished,, or may be I have been.

In any case, it was a real gentle reminder by my friend who mailed me the blog link as subject line.
Quite a few things happened ,, I made some real good friends.. (one very special :)), had my first flight and that too for inter-continental!! .. quit my job., landed up in a new firm,, now going to CMU,, Carnegie Mellon University, USA.

I hope to get more honest with my blog from now own,,


Monday, June 19, 2006

Realizing the Unknown

It's probably one of those posts which I really wanted to write.
I do have penned (or.. keyed ) a few which really didn't come off naturally.
There's been one about the call centers, the cinema blasts, the CBMs and ..the Goa trip (..and the Goa one is something I would always look at whenever I get down :) ), they came off naturally ..and probably I can write a thousand more with same intensity but then some things are better not told!
So what's this one gonna be about..
well what would you say about a weekend on which you walked quite a distance day and night long
, got a few cramps...ate food which is purely for those who don't have taste buds ?
and would you say if I tell you guys that probably it was the best weekend I have ever had...probaly tht I have gone insane and is just the after effects of my experiences of this weekend?

Well this weekend I went to Vaishnodevi, and got struck by not one or two but a number of moments of enlightenments...and that's what I am gonna discuss here.

1. Well why everything has to start off from flashback? After the trip I would say it was the start. It started off with having a kewl dude attitude to have some kicks and that's what I have realised that why do discoveries happen when you get lost :). In life you never know that even a fall of yours can make you land up in a gold my case it was a start to a journey of self enlightenments.

2. There were times when I slept on the street, ... I was least worried about the people around me. And that was the second one...A poor guy sleeping on the street should be looked at with high respect...he's down there cause he's done with all the hardwork for the day. He's enjoying his share of reward ..and that's a good night sleep.

3. There were times when I thought I couldn't take it and thought of going back to the hotel but then I did complete my journey. That's the third one..a man's limitations are his own creation. I felt that I couldn't move an inch even then I covered several miles. Think beyond what you think you can think off...

4. All the way I was crying foul..cribbing about food, the road etc...but when I was done with it, It occured to me that probably that was the best trip of my life. That's the fourth life your biggest rewards come after going through most painful experiences...

Rest all I think would make my post very long....but one thing I know now. That there are roads to be travelled and goals to be achieved ..what was impossible for me yesterday is a possibility today. :)..
all the very best to me!!

Monday, January 30, 2006

January 30th, 06...

The date is important. It's important since it's another day gone by of my life and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Noo..dun you think I'll keep on writing such posts with a new date on it. I just wanna underline my idea...that everyday is to be celebrated. The most interesting thing is that you don't need to be a celebrity to celebrate it. :)...

I scrawl down anything that comes to my mind and is weird...:

"Life should be all about additions and subtractions. There should be no calculus involved." (i.e. always try to make it simple...)

"The first man to get inspired from ..."An apple a day keeps the doctor away.", was indeed Adam!" :) ...( Medico's must be knowing what an Adam's Apple is. )

"I can do any multiplication of n number of terms in a second, ...if only one of the terms is 0." :

"I truely believe in the theory of panspermia. Since men are from mars and women are from venus, the natives i think were only hermephrodites." ;)

Adios ;).

Saturday, June 18, 2005

I hope I am like that....

it's just one of the thing i came across...i never really knew there was so much to my name...

P is for Powerful
R is for romantic
A is for adventurous
B is for Brilliant
H is for Helpful
A is for Artistic
K is for Keen
A is for Artistic
R is for Refined

It says too many things...
P for powerful...well i really dun know..i mean i m almost a 1D man..and so thin that at times i can slip through slit of my room door..and i am still unemployed...still 1.5 months to go for my joining...but given a situation and my interest in that i feel i can dictate terms...if i really want to!!;).
R for romantic... I really need a subject to try and test that out...any volunteers??>:D...
A for Adventurous... well most of my adventures..activities are trying to get the bug out of my room..and beating some german asses in my fav. computer game CALL OF i m adventurous...virtually :).
B for Brilliant...No comments!!!o:).
H for helpful...recently got disqualified for some test cause i was helping my friend clear the test...the firm was good with great package..he did clear..but my sheet was not checked..they thought i was the one who needed help...i also didn't put my case forward...i have already got what i wanted...*content*.
A for Artistic...:okee i feel so...that won't be a hyperbole if i tell you guys i learnt the lead on guitar on my own...and can play it quite well...though still i dunno the technical terms for the various chords and other stuff about that... and I do paint..and wish i could show you guys some, fav is "Reaching for the Apple of Sin"...i don't maintain a collection..but i believe i can find the piles of papers that i have in my room, will get that scanned soon.
K for keen...:how did they find out...lemme check ;).
A for artistic...: well i didn't know i was doubly artistic :D.
R for refined...: I think I am attimes and pretty crude at other times...though I enjoy the most when I am crude.

I don't know how true that was the things i got for my name...but surely it gives a very interesting answer for my next interview on landlines...i.e. for call centers...> i'll surely describe myself to them...

Call fom the call center.....

well the last post might have potrayed me a boffin but believe me ...i am just a normal guy..with not so normal heart and completely abnormal attitude. Anyways this post is not meant to write abstract stuff, lemme tell you about me, things which are more concrete.
I was searching for something to write has come to a standstill all of a sudden, so all I am doing right now is just trying to kill some time, as my earliest joining date has still 1.5 months to go. And since i don't like sitting kicking my toes all the time, I decided to have some i decided to send my resume to one of the call just applied online.
After few days I did get a call on phone....

mummy: johny come...some girl on phone. (with some puzzled look on her face...because not many call me :-)).

ladyqs1: hello is this Prabhakar Lakhera?
Means1: Yeah this is Prabhakar. (I am pretty sure she already had the answer.)

ladyqs2: It's in response to your apllication for XYZ....can you describe yourself.
( i really don't like the word makes you feel as if you are nothing but some mathematical equation...i know some ppl who are Y axis and some who are, x^2+y^2+z^2=r^2, physically but i think for my shape i'll have to use splines...but then as i thought it was about telling her who am I!!...why can't they just say:"Can you tell us something about yourself?").
Means2: hey I think most of the acad things are on the resume that i mailed you guys..and my name too... my hobbies too..... so what exactly do you want know.....

ladyqs3: Just assume I know nothing about you...tell me your name...and go on.(lolz...Whom she was asking on phone then?? it reminds me of the famous dialogue from Sholay when Amitabh says: "Basanti tumahraaa... naam kya hai?"....first the "Describe" thing and then the stupid idea..i was really not feeling very great..).
Means3: Okay ( ..buhaann :-((,..) I am Prabhakar Lakhera, and I did my B.E. from NSIT, Delhi. My stream was ICE. I am a deadliner and try to finish my work before the deadline comes that i can go through the things i have done and see that there are no mistakes....and (now i really broke down.... ) ...and blah blah blah!!!! I mean what else do you wanna know?

Ladyqs4: Okay okay...tell me about your family.
Means4: (ahhhhh!!! finally some good qs , i love telling people about my family :).) Yeah, it is a big family..;) . I have four sisters..the eldest is Regional commissioner EPFO, my 2nd sis is practicing medicine in USA, then my 3rd sis is doing Phd from Mississippi, USA and my youngest sister is in final year MBBS from LHMC, delhi. My mother is a housewife and my father is scientist at DIPAS, DRDO.
( i know what the lady must have been thinking.."why is he applying for a call center job??"...)

ladyqs5: (suspicious now!) Hmmm ..Why do you wanna do this job?
Means5: Hey i think the job profile suits me to a T and there are lots of growth opportunities for me. ..(lolz ;))

ladyqs6: Where do you stay...?
Means6: (laughing...)Well most of the time in my home..;)
"(lolz from other side!!!!!!!!)...nooooo..hehe"
okee i mean it's R.K. Puram, New Delhi.>:D!!

ladyqs7: Okay..hmmm...Can you come for night shifts?
Means7: Hell no!!..i mean.. i can't because I don't have a conveyance..

"But that would b provided by us."
No i am concerns...

"but even girls come for night shifts..."
buttt.. . (..wondering whether it was incentive or a fact...)...okay point noted..
i mean if i say..i m okay with it gonna increase my chances of getting in..!!?

"well yes..then we can straight away take you!!!"
(enuf of it.....hufff...) ok i'll let you know.

"can i hv your cell plzzz."
I am afraid but..i don't have a cell..

"well you'll have now....ok give me your residence number..."
(...lolz..!!! or was it a trick question!) Hey... i think you called me on some number...that's the one!!!!!

" okay in a week's time i would let ya know...."
okay ...done..can i have your number please..?

" well it's ....#%#$%^&^#.."
Noooo i mean >:D...your perrrrsonaal number..

" (Lolz...) hey can call me here. You'll find me at my desk only..."

" hey nice talking to you ..."
believe me !!! same here...

okss ciao.


and so i really had some fun there, there were other qs too...but too many to mention... "Do you feel comfortable talking to the foreigners..." :| ..i can't talk in french, spanish, german, generally NO!!! and i also don't spend much of my time at CP trying to get a word from the Goras ;) i told her...i haven't been to USA or I really can't rate myself for that... but it was a nice get to know the process that goes into the selection process and listening to the accent of the interviewer makes you feel proud that now it's us who are torturing the Britishers >:D....

adios and have a great day!!!!
love you all...( the feelings even more true for the girls ;)...)

Sunday, May 29, 2005

If, else, if else…

hello friends.....
hope you all doing fine. i am alive and kicking. Last couple of days left for the BTpresentation..
as i told you guys, that i don't feel like singing serenades for ne anthropoid on earth, so may b i'll just buy a ticket from NASA tourism..and go to Venus to find out..What's wrong at that place >:D..cause i have been told ..women are from Venus and the XYs are Martians ;-). Anyways i still took out some time, (kauli...thank God for small mercies :P)..and came out with these lines ..(caution: it's a heavy weight programming ;-), meant only for the software guys) others can try ..and my best wishes for your efforts....but if you already read that then ask any tyro in prog..and he'll let you know ..IT"S ALL CRAP!!!;-)

If, else, if else…

There’s a lot of time I spend
To get my life debugged
I have done so many syntax errors
I’ll take decades to get it figured

I included all the headers
The iostream, math & the conio
And climbed the tallest tower of Hanoi
That I even forgot who was Romeo

Love for me is a language
I know I just can’t understand
As if “for, while, do while” were not enough
It’s got more loops than I can comprehend

Since I knew heart has got 4 chambers
I used {(girl*)malloc(******xfour)}
I don’t know why they could not cooperate
I found myself knocking on a closed door

I tried to correct and compile
And I even tried the OOP
One thing I got all cleared
I wasn’t good at writing an SOP

I switched to many different algorithms
To try to find out it’s a fault of who’s
Life is different than a program
I realized then, there are no “goto”es

Something I felt!!!!!!!!!
And before the omnipotent I knelt.

Some strange fine round pearls left my eyes,
Rolling down my cheeks, which to me was feminine.
I couldn’t believe a programmer could feel this way,
So I tasted with my tongue, the drops indeed tasted saline.

Post getting long, I can read your mind,
I know this one you are finding gross.
Top right corner of the screen you’ll find,
All you need to do is to click on the cross.

NO NO good now to beat your head, it's over it's past and you have read it, no good if you cursing me right now...i told you before ;-) >:D...
ciao guys...tell me how it's being getting brain damaged.

Friday, May 27, 2005


afer accepting kaulism, the time i felt was ripe to try to have my brain Cals. burn for some creative if you guys, as kaul says, have survived his quest for true love...lemme warn you it's the next level of that part..and surely this time ur chances of survival are really slim...neways me not feeling quixotic thesedays, it's been 4 yrs...and 4 long yrswhen i last felt my heart beationg 80/s...but it's been a perfect 70/s for quite some time now....and i am more into painting and guitar and i need grace marks from all of the people...20 minutes down..all i could come up was this......

There was I standing, I felt so small

Kicking my toes on an isolated wharf,

To figure out looking at the Cyclops’s eye

Others were giants or was I dwarf

The noise kept coming from distant corners

I looked around for a thousand times

I found myself confused and drawn

Calculating in my head the biggest of primes

I have seen the most familiar faces

With the most foreign smiles

Playing the most wicked of moves

On the sixty four black and white tiles

I have seen the nymphs of the world

But none with a heart of gold

I found the most charming face

With both my eyes closed

I know the people are scared of

Ghosts, spirits, phantoms & lord

They say he’s the most sacred

But I m most afraid of God

Jaded, exhausted and with my leg twisted

I have covered a zillion miles

Cause I love to see on the bony faces

With dry lips having the most godly smiles

I can give the last of my blood drops

To try to save the last of its zygote

But the Humanity has its fast dying crops

No denying the chances to are remote

Though it looks even on both sides

But the lever is tilted, there’s no fulcrum

Futile is my effort, but I’ll keep trying

I wish I could solve life’s conundrum

i gotta leave now for my college, it's project time and only 3 days left for the Viva, then i am all free to fall in love ;)......and after 2 or 3 months after my joining i'll be ready for any commitment being finacially & mentally independent....anyways..why to bore you guys with all just take care and enjoy being under the shadow of the cupid, ..... you all

prabhakar...( single & "loo" king >:D..nthing just bad digestion...)